ASIA Churches

Farooq Anjum  Chak # 88 SB  Sargodha   Pakistan
R.K.M. Bhatti GPO Box 1751 Islamabad, Pakistan
Abdul Rashid Gill Jilani Abad Near P.I.A. Cargo Off. Islamabad Airport  
Rawalpindi 46000  Pakistan
Naimit Jalal  P.O. Box No.17  Satellite Town   Rawalpindi  Pakistan
Niymat Khokhar c/o P.O. Box 325, Gujranwala-Pakistan Res: Siraj Colony
Farid Town Chichar Wali, Gujranwala, Pakistan
Feroze Masih 149/C Block Settelite Town Gujran Wala, Pakistan
William Masih House No. 1-F/51 Wah Cantt Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Hadiat Masih  B/165 Lala Rukh  Wah Cantt,   Pakistan
Irshad Misah  Chak #43 NB Gunian Wala   Sargodha Pakistan


Pastor A.Samuel,
Calvary Tabernacle,
8/10, Kalaigner Street,
Chennai - 600087,
Tamil Nadu,
South India.
Phone: 044-42647849

William Branham Good News Society Gladys Dauch" Memorial Building  No.
7, Subba Rayan Nagar  1st Street, Kodambakkam   Chennai - 600 024, INDIA
Voice of God Recordings India Office  19, Shenoy Road, Nungrmbrakkam  
Madras - 6000 034 India  Phone: 47 45 60
Truth Tabernacle Pastor Cyril Anthony  38/4, Meanne Avenue  Tank Road  
Bangalore- 560 042, India  Phone: +(91)-(80)-5369365
Calvary Prayer House Pastor D.J.V. Daniel H. No. 1-2-40/3/C, Christian Colony
Mahabubnagar - 509 -001 A.P. India
End Time Misistries  Pastor Jeevan Prakash   P.O. Box 17765 Bombay -
400080, India
Godwin Andrews  12 Creek Row  Calcutta, 70001   India


Nan Khorn  P.O. Box 1097 Phnom Penh, Kampuchea (Cambodia)  


Pastor Bro.Suh Man-ok{email: and Sis.Kim Jinjoo  
email: 502,Muzigae Apt. 9-6 138-110
Koyo-dong,Seoul,South Korea Bro.Suh's tele.:  82-2-403-7281  Sis.Jinjoo's
tele.: 82-2-409-9623
Young-Ho Son  100 Youngjung-Ri  Kuyre-Yup, Kurye-Kun Junnam, 542-800  
South Korea


Pastor Dr.Isu Jung Karki
Kathmandu Apostolic Church,


Nepal Mission Center
3/10 Tatribas
Gaindakot  P O
Nawal Parasi District
Welcome: Missionary Lukram Thapa
Mission Outreach: Thailand and Neighbouring Countries
including Tibet and Mongolia since 1993.

Founders: Rev Jerry Evans, USA
Dr Fredrick Gray, India
Rev Cyril Mahadeo, USA

Welcome:   Rev Lukram Thapa, Evangelist
Operation: -Gaindakot Christian Assembly
-Eagle Library: Lending, Translation and Printing
-Rhino Nepal Scholarship Foundation
-Indo Nepal Hindi Convention, Tanakpur,  India

Mission Outreach: North East India, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
Undertaking The Task of Presenting the Message of the Hour to the Tibetans.

Telephone: +66-0876226152, +66-0860176434


Howard Benjamin Judah 22 Neram Road Singapore 2880
Richard Gan Prophetic Revelation Bible Fellowship Ghim Moh P.O.Box 333
Rep. of Singapore 912742


End Time Believer of the Lord Jesus Christ Fellowship Inc
5 Carnival st BFRV
Las Pinas City, Philippines

Spoken Word-Bible Fellowship Pastor Ronnie Millevo 123 Luzon Avenue Old
Balara, Quezon City  Philippines  
Phone: (0632) 4563857   Email:
The Philippine Bride Of Christ WebSite!  

The End Time Message  
Pastor Rudy Villagonza
P.O. Box 3833,
Makati CPO, 1278 Makati City, Philippines

The EndTime Message Homepage
Rainbow St. Munting Bahayan Rito S. Archivido Jr. Pinagbuhatan Pasig City
1602  Philippines

Fidel L. Baltazar  Po.O. Box 1004  2600 Baguio City, Philippines

Danny Bernardo  Blk. 12  Lot 16  Phase I   Elvanda Village  San Pedro,
Laguna,  Philippines

Jessie Baquing  Lopez Drive  6124 Negros Occidental  New Escalante,  
Nestor Z. Capistrano  12 Oxford St, Rancho Estate 4 Concepcion 2,  Marikina
City, Metro Mani,  Philippines
Victor Celis  Tinago, Ligao, Albay,   Philippines 4504
David Colili  54 San Agustin St.  R.P. Gulod, Novaliches  Quezon City,  
Ricardo "Israel" Cervantes Jr.  P.O. Box 215  Legazpi City, 4500  Philippines
Rogelio J. Cataluna  C/o Venecio Ye  18-1 Luzuriaga St  Bacolod City, 6100  
Jose Daluyaya  Sagay  Negros Occidental, 6122   Philippines
Roberto E. Dingding, Sr.  P.O. Box 191  8600 Butuan City  Philippines
Arturo P. Escamos  P.O. Box 685  Bacolod City 6100 Philippines
Orsel Dumanon Baan Mahogany Rd. 8600 Butuan City, Philippines


Bangkok, Thailand
Mission Contact: Pastor Caleb Panya


Cambodia Mission HomePhnom Penh, Contact: Samuel ThapaFaculty of
MedicineInternational UniversityKhan SensokPhnom
PenhCambodiasamuelthapa2011@hotmail.comTel  +855-088-768-0699


Mongolia Mission Center
Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
Please write to Pastor Turmunkh Shaariibuu
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