Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Iam Pastor ONYAPUDU
ARTHUR of Agogomit Fellowship, Tororo– Uganda (E.A). I was born in 1960 to
a family of a very humble background that afforded me to attain only an 8th
grade of education – a level for which I greatly thank God, because I can ably
read both the Bible and the message of the hour.

The Lord called me out of the Anglican church at the age of 19 against the wish
of both the Bishop and dad who all along wanted me to be a priest. The idea of
one being “saved” in a religious family as ours did is not got well with my dad
to the extent that he expelled me from home and denied the education. For
about four years, I stayed in the home of a Pentecostal denominational
preacher moving to various places with him preaching.

In 1983, the Lord spoke to me to go back home. I attempted to do so but dad
was still breathing much threats. So I had to stay in hiding in the villages near
home. However, the little moments I met with my brothers was an opportunity
for me to testify to them till they both gave their hearts to Christ. This
infuriated my dad too much that he involved the police, alleging that I had lost
my mind. Thank God, my brother stood firm through all that persecution
around the same time. I led a catholic priest to Christ, a thing that earned me
an improvement for a month. The Lord stood for me. The case lacked evidence
because the converted priest had fled into hiding in another town.

Come in 1987, a voice persistently spoke to me concerning the “right doctrine”
as being baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and that “Women should
not preach.” I happily shared the message with my Pentecostal acquaintances,
especially preachers but to my dismay, they enormously condemned and
rubbished it as false doctrine of a cult! Indeed, one day chaos broke out when a
chance I had longed for was granted to me to preach in a church. I spared no
time but went straight to what the Lord had told me by the voice. I didn’t
expect the outcome: a team of strong boys was organized to howl me from the
pulpit, out of the church! From then, I was now forsaken by even those I had
relied on as real brothers in Christ. I got so desperate and cried to God
because there was none that I could depend on for “a friend that sticketh
closer than a brother.” (Prov 18:24). I sincerely, I  couldn’t reconcile the joy of
suffering in the days of long distance suffering, going to preach with the
Pentecostals, sleeping in bushes., I really doubted whether that voice was true
because the more I testified of it, the further people distanced away from me!
Nobody could associate with me on grounds that I believed a cultic doctrine.

It was June the same year, 1987. I had walked to places, prayed and cried.
Somehow, I resolved, I was going to form my own organization. I convinced 2
friends whom I had met in a certain brother’s house to accompany me through
the registration process. It was then that I met a message preacher who asked
me questions that turned my spiritual system to this day. One: How were you
baptized? Two: Whom did you think Jesus Christ is? Well, I know you can
correctly guess what a Pentecostal would answer. But the preacher explained a
few things and took us to his house for a thorough sharing. All the questions
we asked were referred to the Bible. We believed and were baptized after 2
weeks. I was now full of Joy because I had met a person preaching what the
voice had spoken to me, and thereafter, that same voice told me to return home
to preach to my folks and the neighborhood. Unfortunately, my brothers had
already been ordained to big positions in the Pentecostal system., I still didn’t
enjoy any freedom at home; the new found faith found opposed to the
Pentecostal one! Both in the doctrine and the life style. Persecution of all forms
arose, including false allegations.

However, amidst all these, the Lord gave me favor and graciously led me to
speak to the parents. My life was on a spotlight but the Lord’s working in me
was noticeable. My character was now admirable as a peculiar one. It wasn’t
long that the parents were touched to regret why they mistreated me. We drew
closer but the Pentecostal brothers were so offended by the parents’ love for
me. Though dad had already given out all the land inheritance, he was
compelled to buy for me also the same portion Iam living on now.

On 30th April, 1989 , I married a Godly and loving lady, Sister Beatrice who has
stood by me through all the trials of life. I had now words enough to appreciate
God for such a blessing. Eternity will tell. Actually, we married without a bed;
only a borrowed mattress and sheets. In all, the Lord has kept us in His service
without wavering and has blessed us with wonderful children.

I must include here a special case testimony. My son Caleb was attacked by the
devil. After much illness, he was diagnosed with a heart problem. Test revealed
that he had a hole in the heart. The only way to rescue his life would have been
flying him to India or SouthAfrica but where would I ever raise such an amount
of Shs. 28,000,000? (approximately 20,000 US dollars) I failed even to advertise
for charity over radio but I had something to thank God for. He is the same,
Yesterday, Today and forever. He still answers prayers. Our prayer touched the
hewn of His garment. Today, the boy is 11 years old and in grade 4.

The prophet said, “We should have faith for our loved ones.” My dad and mum
believed the message and have been faithful until God called them to glory. I
believe I will meet them at the Eastern gate. Before daddy passed away, he
offered the church a plot on which the temple shelter is currently standing as
our worship place. Mummy died confessing the message of Mal 4:5 as the
truth. This unwavering confession ushered in another level persecution against
my family. “All that shall give Godly shall suffer persecution.”

My daughter had visited my brother for school fees assistance but there she
was mistreated by the wife rising up one night determined to shave off the
little girl’s hair but she fled and hid in a latrine where she spent that dark and
cold night praising God for her protection.

Friends, I should have said something regarding the ministry earlier. I have
NEVER turned back since I was exposed to the message. The nearest message
church where I fellowship was 15 miles away from home. I walked 10 years
every service day to establish myself on the solid foundation of the word.

The year 1997, the Lord laid upon my heart the burden to open a fellowship at
home. The Lord touched 2 brothers to join in the initial struggle of setting up
this church. One brother, Pastor Olukuma Joseph has blessed of God with a
little flock in Mbale town. The other is Brother Jeremiah Okibong, a deacon of
my former church. The ministry is not easy but God is giving me His unfailing
grace, each day and am confident to overcome, regardless of the opposition,
the truth must prevail. Michael has never lost a battle when fighting for
Abraham’s seed. We will possess the gate of the enemy. The church is growing
strong in the word. The predestinated bride is ready for the display of the

I will not cease to praise God for preserving my life from a motor accident.
Generally this year, I had visited my loving friend Bolahs, who has been so
kind in supporting the ministry materially, financially and spiritually, against
the constrains around him. It was then that satan caused an accident whereby I
was knocked by a vehicle at a street in Kampala city. I don’t know what
happened but I remember shouting at the top of my voice, “Lord, don’t let me
to perish in this street.” I felt a hand lift me off the road. Blood was allover my
clothing. Well, I limped for about 4 months but Iam happy I can still stand to
preach the gospel. I appreciate the Almighty for the new family of faithful
believers within overseas who are stand for the truth. God bless you.