Athiest or Non-Believer

a person who does not believe in god Useally believes in evolution so
let us prove evolution to be error.


1) you believe in evolution?
2) were did ape's come from?
3) were did the earth come from?
4) were did the sun come from?
5) who lit the wick to the big bang?
6) were did matter come from?

Even if someday you could tell me who lit the wick, the question
would remain, who lit that wick and so on. Chicken or the egg.
Can not have a chicken without a egg or a egg without a chicken.

Prove God to them
Hear is a building
1) How do we know there was a builder?
the building is proof that there was a builder
Hear is a painting
2) How do we know there was a painter?
the painting is proof there was a painter
look around you at all the creation, earth, star's, moon.
3) how do we know there was a creator?
the evidence of existance of a creator (God) is his creation.


1) Have you ever told a lie? What are you called then? (Liar)
2) Have you ever taken anything that did not belong to you? (thief)
3) Have you lusted? Jesus said thats adultry
In God's eye's your a Liar,Thief, and adulterer.
4) Do you know what God says about those who are?
Liar's,Thief's, and adulterer's will have their part of the lake of fire.
according to Gods word your going to hell
5) How do you feel about that?Liar,Thief, and adulterer
6) Ever hate anyone? God say's thats Murder
7) Ever take the Lords Name in vain? He who takes the Lords name
in vain will not be held guiltless on the day of judgement.

The Bible states, we are born in this world speaking lies.
1) Who is the Father of lies? (Satan)
So you are born in this world with the spirit of the Devil. This is why
you smoke and drink and love the things of this world. When Adam
and Eve sinned, there sin is imputed to all their children.
God requires us to be born again. When Baptized correctly, acts
2:38 he fills you with his spirit, The Holy Ghost. The Spirit of God
then cleans you up. This is Why Jesus said, You must be born again
or you can not enter into the Kingdom Of God. John 3:5

(Give Them The Baptism Tract)

If you see they have a contrite spirit, crying etc, then pray with them.