Baptist's methodist's etc.

Most of todays churches fall into this catagory. Moody, Calvin,
Knox, and Wesley were reformers and brought the next light which
was sanctification. This was known as the man age. Most all
followers fell, Backslid and now live Un-Godly Lives. This was I
believe was caused by there Lack of understanding of the Godhead
and scriptural Baptism. Without the Holy Ghost enforcer they are
mis-lead by the worldly lusts.

1) How were you Baptized? Father,Son and Holy Ghost?
2) Jesus said to Baptize in the name of the Father son and Holy
Ghost but why did all the apostles baptize in Jesus name?

Example; If I told you to Baptize in the name of the President of the
United States and you put him in the water and said" I baptize you in
the name of the President of the united states"
3) Would this be Correct?  (no) Because
The Presidents name is George w. Bush.

Jesus said" Baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost"
4) So, What is the name of The Father, Son and Holy Ghost?
Col. 2:9 "for in him (Jesus) dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead
Bodily". (Father,Son,and Holy Ghost is Godhead)
5) Are you the Temple of the Holy Ghost?
6) Would you smoke or drink in Church?
7) Does Jesus Live inside You?
Do You realize every time you take a hit of that cigarette, you put it
in the mouth and body of Jesus Christ?
For You have been Bought with a price and you are not your own.
Read Romans Chapter 6 to them.
The Bible states, we are born in this world speaking lies.
1) Who is the Father of lies? (Satan)
So you are born in this world with the spirit of the Devil. This is why
you smoke and drink and love the things of this world. When Adam
and Eve sinned, there sin is imputed to all their children.
God requires us to be born again. When Baptized correctly, acts
2:38 he fills you with his spirit, The Holy Ghost. The Spirit of God
then cleans you up. This is Why Jesus said, You must be born again
or you can not enter into the Kingdom Of God. John 3:5

(Give Them The Baptism Tract)