New Orleans Jazz Festival
Witnessing at the jazz fest in New Orleans:

I arrived in New Orleans on the 25th of April and delivered my load
that I had on my truck.  My dispatcher told me that there was no
loads and I would not be able to get a load until Monday.  I felt a
little upset but then the lord opened my eyes to see that he was
about to do something here.  I found a truck stop close by and
parked there.  I was told by some people at the truck stop that there
was a jazz festival here in New Orleans this weekend.  There was a
subway close by that was attached to a casino.  As I was walking
towards the casino, to go to the subway, I said "lord if you want me
to go to this jazz festival and witness then let me win at this casino".  
I would not normally go to a casino at all.  I had a dollar bill that was
warn and torn.  Under normal circumstances, I do not believe this
dollar bill would be able to go into any machine and be accepted and
this was the only small bill, that I had.  I did not go to the casino to
gamble, but I ask god if he wanted me to go as a test to let me win.  
I placed the dollar bill in the machine and much to my surprise the
machine accepted the dollar bill.  I won $6.00 minus the $1.00 I
played is $5.00 that I won.  This then showed me that, yes I was to
go to this jazz festival and witness.  I called Chester my friend, And
he reminded me that five is the number of grace.  The rest of that
evening I prepared for the next day by getting my gospel track's
stamped an ready to go.

Saturday the 26th

I headed to the east side of the city because, I was told that this is
where it was located.  I overshot where I was  to go and saw a six
flags, then turned off on that exit.  I met a man who was mowing the
middle embankment on the highway.  I asked him if he knew where
the jazz festival was located and he gave me directions.  I also took
the advantage and witnessed to him.  I explained to him about the
god head an being baptized in Jesus' name.  He was a baptist and I
do believe he believed what I told him and would go get re-baptized.
I headed back to the city and got off at the right exit.  I went down
by the fairgrounds where this jazz fest was to take place.  I saw
many signs that parking was $50.00, or around that price to park.  I
tried to pull into one of the places but, they said that I was too big to
park there.  I was driving my tractor without the trailer.  I Then
preceded down the street, and saw a couple of police officers.  I ask
them where could I Park this vehicle?  The officer told me that I
was not allowed to park anywhere in the city limits and that I would
be ticketed heavily.  I then asked the lord "what do I do now
lord?     there's  nowhere to park legally".  I then was lead down the
street and when I got to the end of the street, and crossed over, I
saw a strip mall that had several businesses that receive shipments.  I
drove to the back, where there was a plumbing company and parked
in their dock in the rear.  It looked as if they were closed but I saw
someone outside loading materials and he informed me that they
were open.  I went inside and talked to the gentleman and handed
out a few $1,000,000 bill tracks and the gentleman said that I
needed to talk to the boss.  The boss came out and I spoke to him.  
He said that I was not allowed to park in his Dock because of
insurance.  He then said it would be OK for me to park on the side
of the building.  He followed me outside to see where I was parked.  
I told him that I was already parked in his dock because it looked to
be a safe place to park.  He then told me, "awe I guess it will be OK
for you to park there".  So the lord bless me with a parking spot that
free.  I went down the street carrying my backpack and
wearing my vest that states
"Prayer Changes Things".  I talked to
many people that day.  I prayed for a couple of people and also
witnessed to many.  I handed out $1,000,000 bill tracks and gospel
tracts and CDs to those, I felt led to give CDs to.

You can and would be surprised on how many people take the
$1,000,000 bill track and how easy it is to hand  them to the lost.  I
handed 500 in just a few hours at the fest.  Most people accepted it
with a smile.  I had only one person give it back to me but even they
said no thanks.  People tell me that I am anointed to do what I'm
doing and I tell them that the scripture says "when the Holy Ghost
comes upon you, you will be a witness unto me".  So yes I am
anointed by the Holy Ghost because I am born again.  I fear god
more than I do men and this is something everyone must realize and
overcome in order to be a witness for Jesus Christ.  You must learn
to come out of your comfort zone and love people so much, that no
matter what is said to
you, YOU still continue and fight the good
fight.  Jesus said "take up your cross and follow me" but how many
of us actually do it?  There are many action words in the bible Jesus
said "go into all the world and preach the gospel" "
you will be
witnesses unto to me" as you can see...  follow... Go....  Do...  You
will... fight...   Are action words.  My question to you is "Are
in action for Jesus Christ?  If you are not, then there is no better
time than the present.  If you are unable to help in the field, then at
least support us with your prayers Because this is also vital in our
work.  God bless Michael