I was raised in a Christian home. My parents were Baptists. I was baptized as a child in the name of the Father,
Son, and Holy Ghost. I was a Baptist because that's all I knew to be. I enjoyed visiting Pentecostal Churches
whenever they would have a revival and loved their company when they would attend ours at the Baptist
Church. My mother enjoyed visiting them with me because, she said she was saved in a Pentecostal Church.

I remember talking to a Pentecostal visitor one time about baptism. They believed in baptism in the name of
Jesus and I told him I wished we did, but we both agreed as long as we were both baptized with the same Holy

My brother of the flesh and his family started coming to the Baptist Church and were going to join. They held a
vote and voted to accept them as members of the Church. After that they never came back because my brother
was offended by them taking the vote. He said, "do you know how I'd have felt if they had voted not to accept
me and my family?" I told him I had never thought of it because I'd never seen them vote not to accept someone.

He started going to a church called the Gospel Tabernacle in Morrison, IL. That is the town I now reside in. He
and one of the men of the church wanted to show me and mom by the scriptures that baptism in the name of
the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost was not the right way to be baptized. She was not going to listen to them but I
told her we could at least see what the scriptures they were going to show us said. When they showed where
Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom and ask if he would be so soon in wilful disobedience that was all it
took to persuade me. I went to the church in Morrison,IL and was rebaptized in the name of the Lord Jesus

They were very big on Liberties at that church. I was invited to a service in Rockford,IL where one of the Martin
Bros. Was holding some tent meetings. I went. After that I started going sometimes to a church in Rockford,IL
on an island. They gave me a bunch of books of Bro. Branham's messages. The church in Morrison believed
his message was get back to the word and that they didn't need him anymore as they had got back to the word.
I became unable to decide which was right and I prayed a prayer and ask the Lord to be merciful, I don't know
which way to go. I did not understand how someone could say they believe Bro. Branham was a prophet but I
don't agree with him on that. I ended up not going to either one.

I was backslidden for allot of years but I didn't consider myself an unbeliever. I still thanked the Lord for the
blessings in my life and prayed to him as my source of help and blessings. One time I was fishing for walleyes
on Lake Mile Lacs in Minnesota. We were fishing off of what they call launch boats. They take a group of
people out fishing for a designated time. I prayed and ask the Lord to bless me and let me catch a big walleye. I
was very confident in my fishing ability and took a fishing rod with 4# test line on it. I hooked a big one and got it
up to the side of the boat. The Captain of the boat tried to net it for me and missed it and it broke my line
before he could try again. The Captain said it would've been at least 7 lbs.

The next night I thanked the Lord for the opportunity he had given me and ask him to bless me again as it was
my fault for being too over confident and tonight I was using 6# instead of 4# test line. I hooked another big one
and fought it for it seemed like fifthteen to twenty minutes and never got it close enough to the boat to see it
and it finally threw the hook. Again I thanked the Lord for giving me the opportunity.

The next night I ask the Lord if he'd not only give me the opportunity but help me land it. I was using 8# this
time. I no longer wanted to show off my ability to fish and bring them in on a lighter line but just to hook one and
land it. I caught a 28-1/2 in. Walleye that weighed 8lbs 6oz. The biggest I had ever caught in my life. It was the
biggest one caught on that launch and so I won a free night of fishing for the next night. A man that worked on
the boat to help in assisting people told me, you are one lucky guy. Some people never get a chance for a big
walleye like that in their lifetime and you've had three chances this week. I agreed with him I truly was lucky. As I
walked back to my cabin when we got off the boat I remember telling the Lord that he truly was good to the just
and to the unjust. I keep asking and you keep giving. If I was just I would be trying to do something for you in

I was driving a truck one night the Fri, before the Labor Day weekend in 2004. I drove nights. I started at 7pm
and drove until what we had to do got finished the next morning. About 12:30 am I stopped to grab a sandwich
and a milkshake and was on my way back to the truck. The feeling was very good because after I finished my
night of work we would have a three day holiday weekend and I only had to work four nights the next week and I
was approved for a two week vacation. I was crossing a ditch to get back to the truck and my left foot slipped on
some dry grass and slid out from under me and my right foot twisted inward and I fell backwards breaking my
right leg. I remember sitting in the bottom of the ditch saying Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You
Jesus. I thought, why would I be saying thank you Jesus when I just broke my leg. That's what I would say if I
had just been blessed with something good.

About a week or two before breaking my leg I stopped at a truck stop in Walcott, Ia. and as I was leaving I was
looking in the rack of free literature for the truck drivers. I notice a New Testament in the new revised edition. I
thought I've never read that version so I'll grab one since it's free and if I get the time I'll read it and see how it
compares to the King James Version. After I broke my leg I had plenty of time to read. I read that version of the
New Testament and I was so hungry for more of the things of God I wondered what else I could read. I thought
of those Bro. Branham books down in the basement that were given to me over twenty years ago. I hobbled
down to the basement and they were on a shelf in a plastic bag I had put them in. There was a copy of the
Church Ages, The Seven Seals, and around twenty other messages in all.  I had started to read the book on
the Seven Church Ages and book marked it before I got to the first age. I believe I was in the middle of the Isle
of Patmos chapter. It had been so long since I had read it I just started over reading the whole book. I read the
book on the seven seals next and then on to other messages.

I would sometimes wake up around one or two AM and begin to read. I would pray and start by reading
something from the Bible and then I would read Bro. Branham's messages.I read until my wife got up to get
ready for work, and then I would read all day while my wife was at work and then I would read all evening since I
was confined to sitting in the recliner because I could put no weight on my leg.

One morning I started with my Bible reading and I opened to where I had left off. My wife said she had never
seen someone read the Bible from cover to cover like reading a book before. I told her I had done it a couple of
times before and had read the New Testament that way many times. I opened my Bible and started reading the
sixth chapter of Hosea. I was awe struck. I could not read anymore. After probably fifthteen minutes or so I
decided to listen to one of Bro. Branham's messages. Before he got into his message he told about the
shepherd carrying a lamb with a broken leg. Another ask him, how did the lamb break his leg and the shepherd
said I broke it. The other said, that is cruel, why would you do that? The shepherd said, because he would not
follow me. Now I'll carry him until his leg heals and then he will see that I love him and he will follow me. I now
understood why I was saying Thank You Jesus when I broke my leg. I thought of the rich man to whom the Lord
said, thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee. I realized he could have required my soul. He could
have given me a good job, a house, car or anything else and nothing would have compared to bringing me
back to him. Proverbs 29:1 speaks of being destroyed suddenly without remedy. My leg was broken suddenly
and all praise to God there was a remedy. The pain was intense, and the stinging was so bad it was like
burning. Heb. 12:6 says whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth. I now say thank you Jesus in a whole new way.
As bad as the sting of the broken bone was I don't believe it would compare to the sting of hearing the Lord
speak the words, "Depart from me, I never new you".

The injury required surgery. The Doctor told me it was a very serious injury. The bone broke in two places only
a couple inches apart and the piece of bone in the middle split on one end. They used a titanium bar and
seven screws to put it back together. My right foot was at a 90 degree angle to my leg when it happened. I
thought it was because of the broken bone, but it was because the ankle had come out of the joint. The Doctor
did not know if the cartilage would heal or not and said it might have to be cut out and the bones fused
together. Then I would have lost the flexibility of my ankle and walked stiff legged. I paid very close attention to
what the Doctor said and did everything he told me to do. If it is worth following instructions that diligently to try
to prevent the loss of a member of the body how much more diligently should instructions be followed to
prevent the loss of the soul. I believe that every word the Great Physician says should be paid attention to. He
has never misdiagnosed a single case yet. As Mary the mother of Jesus said in Cana, "Whatsoever he saith
unto you, do it."

I now believe I have come to know him as an ever present help in the time of need. I believe by his grace I have
seen him helping me in my life. Luke 10:24 says prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye
see, and have not seen them:

When I lay in the bottom of that ditch in the dark surrounded by tall cattail reeds I thought even if someone
goes by they will never see me. Now I realize someone never took his eyes off of me through the whole thing.

In this testimony I mentioned a prayer that I prayed asking the Lord to be merciful because I didn't know what to
do. I forgot to mention the importance of why I included that. I was listening to one of Bro. Branham's messages
one morning and he was praying before he got started on the text of his message and in his prayer he prayed,
"Father gather them that just don't know what to do." When he prayed that I said, Lord, that's exactly what I
said. Then I said, I believe the Lord is still answering the Prophet's prayer.

God Bless, Bro. Roger